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It's just Apogee, but Stephen needed a new scam name...

At this point, you just want to be scammed 

Let's count up the EV scams to date:

1) APOGEE PERPETUAL MOTION SCAM: The original Apogee Dynamics with LT and HPIL. Homeless, no working prototype. Stephen Brown received $1.55M to directly fund the project but instead gave the money to Crank Media, a now dissolved and SEC revoked media scam.

2) MOTOZYSZ EV MOTORCYCLE SCAM: Also related to HPIL, a fraudulent deal with the MotoCzysz family estate where Stephen Brown fabricated the signatures of Michaels sons.

3) SPYKER EV CAR SCAM: Fraudulent fundraising efforts where Stephen Brown claimed to have rights for Spyker Cars in North America. Later renamed Retrospect Auto, the CEO of Spyker Cars confirmed this was a fraud.

4) EV WORLD HOLDINGS: Attempted to rename HPIL to EV World Holdings, against FINRA and SEC rules, to hide future EV scams. Was short lived.

5) 4RGE BIKES: While 4rge Bikes is not a scam, Stephen Brown claimed to be bringing them to North America and even updated the Apogee Dynamics using scraped material from their website. 4rge has confirmed there was a few communications but no deal. 

6) APOGEE DYNAMICS IPO: As seen below.

7) NEXT ???: Now we know it is Electrofi Technologies!!!

Electrofi Technologies - Stephen Brown Scam

Stephen Brown

King Douchebag

Over 40 years of stealing other people's money and running from the police. Now trying to steal money through Electrofi Technologies... because he is a douchebag.


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Same scam, new name

So after defrauding Daffofil Software, changing the name to Diversified Software Ltd to hide that scam like he did Spyker Auto and Retrospect Auto, then changing it to Apogee Dynamics after the fake IPO... he has now renamed it Electrofi Technologies so he can try a new name for the same scam. Will it work? Of course it will, you are mentally handicapped.

Electrofi Technologies - Stephen Brown Scam
Electrofi Technologies - Stephen Brown - Scam

3 EV Scams-in-1!!!

Not just one EV scam, but 3!!! What clown f-ery is he up to this time? Who even cares. If you give him money, at this point, you are mentally handicapped and deserve to lose everything.

What is 7 Motorcycles?

Why is Stephen Brown showing he is part o of a team of folks from India with EV bike tech? Could it be another scam like Retrospect Auto?

Screenshot 2024-03-02 at 9.38.12 AM.jpg
IMAGE 2024-03-03 18_16_58.jpg

Yup, More Fraud

Just like Retrospect Auto, Stephen Brown has decided it is ok to just steal a company's IP and pretend it is him to scam more dipshits of money. You were probably one of them... you are all un-savable at this point. There is nothing anyone can do to help you if you can't help yourself.

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