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SafeHaven Capital Ltd

"We just want to steal your money"

Stephen Brown Mugshot

Stephen Brown

King Douchebag

Over 40 years of stealing other people's money and running from the police. Now trying to steal money through Safehaven Capital Ltd... because he is a douchebag.


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Is this related to Criteria Management scam? After faking a relationship to HPIL Holding last year, he was added with David Postula as a director, only for both to be removed. Now he is back! He can't stop being a douche.

SafeHaven Capital Ltd
Stephen Brown's Insolvency SafeHaven Capital Ltd

Directorship Ban

Stephen Brown, after stealing TONS of money from victims in the UK, went through MULTIPLE involuntary bankruptcies. He then fled arrest to Canada just before they could nab him. Due to this, he has a directorship ban until he pays back. his victims! 

Possible New Website

What is Riz Alikhan's Role in this SCAM!?

Rizwan Alikhan is no innocent victim, he has known Stephen Brown for DECADES through his father and the Vidnet Scam. He almost was involved with the HPIL Holding Scam, even going as far to register HPIL Holdings Limited in the UK. Rizwan Alikhan is clearly involved in Criteria Management as his LinkedIn states. Why help a guy who lost your dad MILLIONS in '99/'00, who you know scammed tons of money in the UK and ran from police, then scammed millions from 

Rizwan Alikhan's LinkedIn SafeHaven Capital Ltd
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