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Crank Media (OTC:CRKM)

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Congrats, you lost everything!

CRKM is now SEC revoked and joins EBLD, WNRG, MLGH as the 4th SEC revoked security by Stephen Brown. Has to be a record!

Stephen Brown has officially dissolved both the British Columbia company and Nevada Corp.

You lost everything because you are a dipshit and didn't listen.

Crank Media is now Everplay Entertainment

Just like the 20 times before, Stephen Brown has moved everything form one failed media corporation to a brand new one; complete with the same scams and same embezzlement.

Crank Media - Yet Another Media Scam

Whew, where do we start? You are here because you are probably a DIPSHIT. Stephen Brown has done a TON of media scams, why did you think this one would be different? Just look at his bio! It is a complete mess of media company scams. Unpaid artists, suppliers, partners, etc litter the court system across 3 countries.

And here you are, like a complete DIPSHIT reading this page because you gave Stephen Brown money, thinking of giving Stephen money, did work (congrats you did it for free!), or considering doing work for free. Don't worry, there are hundreds if not thousands of other DIPSHITS just like you, some even were such big DIPSHITS they saw this site and STILL GAVE HIM MONEY OR WORKED FOR FREE. Congrats, you are not the only DIPSHIT, you are one of a giant group of DIPSHITS that keeps growing day by day. But this time it was going to be different right? 

So what can you do? Stop working with Stephen Brown and report him to the Vancouver police, so the next DIPSHIT who he talks to doesn't become a DIPSHIT like you.



Stephen Brown doesn't pay anyone, only himself. Give him a shell, you gave it to him for a fee, he won't pay. He has a default judgement but now nothing to collect because he won't pay. Stephen Brown took a SEC current filer and made it on the verge of delisting.

Kirk Shaw, king DIPSHIT. Kirk was involved in the first shell Stephen tried to steal but they kicked him out of OTC:AMEFF. Some damage was done, but whew. Glad he learned... oh... wait... he's a DIPSHIT. So he gave Stephen Brown more money under Roots Properties, like an idiot, and guess who did not get paid. Just one of the many DIPSHITS totaling over $5M in defaults, settlements, or lost judgements. He won't get a dime... he's a DIPSHIT.

But are they as big of a DIPSHIT as Arthur Brown? Likely not. Just read this... you'll feel better about being here... $2M level DIPSHIT. Arthur could have saved you from your pain by bankrupting Stephen Brown over a year ago... but he continues to let steal.

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FRAUD: Stephen Brown Doesn't Pay For CRKM Acquisition

Stephen Brown came into possession of (OTC:CRKM) through fraudulent and deceptive practices as he has with almost every shell he has stolen.


FRAUD: Stephen Brown Doesn't Pay His Artists

Stephen Brown hasn't paid artists since at least 1990, he steals it all. Now he has no artists at Crank Media, more to come on this topic though :)

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3 Bankruptcies.png


FRAUD: Where Is The Money

Stephen Brown funneled millions into Crank Media, where did it all go!? And DIPSHIT you is thinking of giving him more?


FRAUD: Stephen Brown Doesn't Pay Partners

Ok, so millions went into Crank Media, where did it go? Clearly Stephen Brown didn't feel like paying anyone... DIPSHIT you thinking about working for free aren't you?

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Screen Shot 2022-06-21 at 8.34.35 AM.png


FRAUD: Lavish Lifestyle

Stephen Brown spent money on his personal wants and needs. Expensive coffee, expensive lunches and dinners, expensive box seats... all while losing money and stealing it from HPIL Holding and other DIPSHIT investors.


FRAUD: Fake Projects + Fake Partners

Lol, you are hear because of Humm Token? You are a DIPSHIT.

Screenshot 2023-01-30 at 3.45.29 PM.png
Screenshot 2023-01-30 at 3.26.49 PM.png


FRAUD: More Fake Projects

Or you are here for Spindle Records? Goodness you are a real DIPSHIT.


FRAUD: Still More Fake Projects

You must be a real DIPSHIT if you are here for Zippa or World Gaming Group

Screen Shot 2022-11-13 at 5.47.18 PM.png
Cybernetic Technologies Ltd (HPIL), announces it has Signed a Letter of Intent to Acquire CRANK VIRTUAL


FRAUD: Crank Virtual Doesn't Exist

Who even owns this fake "asset." What acquisition? DIPSHIT you believes this don't you?


FRAUD: Millions Stolen From Investors

Over $1M alone from his money pot HPIL Holding that Crank will never repay... because he stole the money. Are you a DIPSHIT HPIL shareholder or investor?

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FRAUD: I'm Bored Trying To Spoonfeed you DIPSHITS

... so I'm done spelling it out for you. You want to lose your money like a DIPSHIT, feel free. Go be a DIPSHIT and then send us a message later explaining how you read this site and still ended up being a DIPSHIT anyways. You won't be the first.

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