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Something HPIL Holding & Stephen Brown Could Never Make


I won't be updating this, if you are retarded enough to get suckered again, you deserve the outcome.

Who doesn't love a good perpetual motion electric vehicle scam?  Honestly? That is in fact what drove most investors to HPIL Holding in the summer of 2021. Electric vehicles were HOT in the stock market and Lord Ferrox Tutinean was itching to find some idiot to give him money for an electric vehicle that never needs external power. The Apogee self-charging drivetrain was to eliminate the need to charge the EV via plug, rather the drivetrain (based on the completely made up "Law of Unbounded Charging") would charge itself in motion... or in other words, magic beans. Still no prototype, shocker... inventor gone. Bye bye LT!

Paired with a perpetual motion scam was an entire portfolio of one page webpages announcing huge innovations or perfectly timed product releases to different technology sector hot markets. HOW COULD HPIL HOLDING MISS!?!? Well... it is all a fraud. NFT's were fake, partnerships were fake, product launches were fake, buybacks were fake, fakety fake fake fake.


Instead of a buyback, there was massive toxic loans and 3a10's issuing billions of shares. Instead of funding, there was no money other than to fight MASSIVE undisclosed lawsuits. Filings? Fraudulently Hiding everything wrong with the company. David Postula money raising hitman. The three dumb-megos.

Screenshot 2023-07-16 at 11.40.16 AM.jpg
"fiction" - Riz Alikhan, Senior Vice President of Business Development and Operations for Europe

Who Ruined HPIL?

HPIL shareholders have no damages from anyone other than Stephen Brown, the toxic lenders (GPL, Auctus, etc), and the TA Olde Monmouth. The reality is, without Stephen Brown's fraud, shareholders would have never been hurt. This is well documented in filings, court documents, share issuances, and actions by Stephen Brown (such as releasing fraudulent press releases to pump the stock). By the actions and failures of Stephen Brown, HPIL shareholders were harmed the most. His need to defraud led to multiple regulatory agencies taking action against HPIL for violations of basic regulations, as well as CRKM his other pubco. A summary:

  • FINRA decided HPIL could not undergo any corp events because of the (still ongoing) filing delinquencies Brown had 1.5 year to fix and didn't.

  • BCSC decided that, due to audited financials not bring filed per the law (still not filed), it could not be traded by Canadians (same with CRKM) and slapped a Cease Trading Order (CTO) on HPIL (and CRKM).

  • OTC Markets decided the filings were so suspect, that it placed a "buyer beware" CE in the stock, no longer allowing US citizens to trade HPIL stock.

  • SEC and OTC (months later) then decided the control dispute (after review) was real enough that HPIL was placed on Expert Market until it could be sorted out in court.

  • SEC has now decided that unless CRKM files audited financials within weeks, it will likely have its securities (shares) revoked in 2023.

  • All of these actions were taken by regulators and authorities based on Stephen Brown's actions. The law is the law. The regulations are black and white. FINRA, SEC, OTC, and BCSC all made these decisions based on public facts and filings made/not made by Stephen Brown.

  • On top of that, multiple judges in multiple provinces/territories/states have ruled based on the known facts, that Stephen Brown either lied, cheated, stole, embezzled, defrauded, etc. tens of folks over the past few years for well over $10M.

By the actions and failures of Stephen Brown, HPIL shareholders were harmed the most. You can see from overlaying these events over the HPIL shares price, that HPIL was already trading well below the retail minimum bid price of .0001 (because retail could no longer trade it) at .000004. It'd had been to that share price, for a FULL 2 MONTHS! The the 8k did nothing to damage HPIL shareholders, who had already lost everything due to Stephen Brown's actions alone.


BuT tHE toXIc NotEHOlDErs!!! Oh, you mean Stephen Brown's toxic notes, the ones he took out just weeks after taking control (he admitted to in a federal lawsuit : Case Number: 1:2022cv02959)? The toxic notes he left off the filings and lied to shareholders saying he put his own money in? Yup, that is right. If you look at the largest conversions for the largest $ amounts after he took over, these were not "old notes" (as Stevie lied to shareholders about). These where STEPHEN BROWN'S notes, that STEPHEN BROWN took out, with the lowest conversion prices the stock had ever seen through GPL Ventures; and ALLOWED them to convert well before the minimum 1-2 years holding period. Stephen Brown admitted to it in federal court, this is not a debate. Here is a view of the timing of the notes Stephen Brown took out and the shares issued vs the stock price.


HPIL is in default for over $2M in debt Stephen Brown took out, not a penny has been payed and there is no way for them to convert into shares and sell to get their money back. That means HPIL shareholders have a net negative book valuation causes solely by Stevie's actions. No assets, >$2.5M in liabilities and growing.

What about "the company and projects!?" Well, that has all but been abandoned. Self proclaimed "Business Associates" are very close to Stephen Brown and at the time of the 8k they had already been in conversation discussing the removal and abandonment of all HPIL assets. Stephen, Mark, Darcy, Ryan, Andy, etc all were well aware of this prior to the 8k being filed. This is documented on numerous emails and other written communication. There does not exist any HPIL projects anymore:

HPIL Holding has now been renamed to EV World Holdings, indicating a EV only focus. But the catch is, there is nothing in it. The other catch is... this means that HPIL can NEVER get trading again because, as Stephen Brown found out with the Cybernetics name change, FINRA will not process it. Meaning, Stephen Brown took a direct corporate action he knows will keep HPIL from ever being traded. The damage to shareholders is WORSE than the 8k being claimed by a few folks as damaging shareholders.

Why is Stephen Brown claiming to. have put money in, when filings say he hasn't!?

  1. "I am putting that money in personally and that's what I'm doing and that's my commitment"

  2. "There is money I put in, but that is not really debt..."

  3. "I'm putting my money behind it"

  4. "I put my own money into this company"

  5. "put my money where my mouth is"

  6. "I'm putting my money in..."

  7. "I put money in... I've put in money, an excess of $600k"

  8. "that's why I'm putting my money in"

  9. "my money in"

  10. "I have my own money in there"

  11. "I put my own money in"

  12. "I put in a lot of money"

  13. "I put my own money where my mouth is"

  14. "all I have is commitment and money in the game"

  15. "putting in my own money"

  16. "7, 8, 9 hundred thousand dollars into the company"

  17. "I have invested my cash over $1 Million dollars..."

HPIL Holding Announces New Name, Management and Offices


FRAUD: Stephen Brown Acquires HPIL Illegally

Stephen Brown came into possession of (OTC:HPIL) through fraudulent and deceptive practices current outcome pending a significant and ongoing lawsuit.


FRAUD: Stephen Brown Had Not Filed The Necessary Paperwork

Stephen Brown had not even received access to file the necessary paperwork at that time and had not started working on the filings till late summer.

HPIL Holding Files with OTC and FINRA
HPIL Holding Announces New Name, Management and Offices


FRAUD: Misleading Strategy

All acquisitions were Stephen Brown's ideas with no material progress, assets, or business, acquired from himself with little to no value.


FRAUD: There Is No Record of This Acquisition in Filings

Within HPIL's filings, there is no record of the acquisition, terms, assets of NFT Procurement, or anything else of substance other a bunch of websites worth no more than the fee to buy them.

HPIL Holding Announces the Acquisition of Fifty One Percent of NFT Procurement Ltd.
HPIL Holding Announces the Domains Secured by NFT Procurement Ltd


FRAUD: Stephen Brown Had No Path to Monetize Domains

Stephen Brown had no clear path to monetize the NFT domains, as virtually everyone he had worked with in the entertainment space was part of a previously failed endeavor.


FRAUD: There Was No Official Partnership With Origin

Origin Protocol denies a partnership with HIPL Holdings in their AMA here: Origin Protocol Twitter Spaces AMA - July 6th 2021

HPIL Holding Announces a Partnership with Origin Protocol
HPIL Holding Announces the Acquisition of the Remaining 49% of NFT Procurement Ltd


FRAUD: No Such Deal Has Been Documented

No such deal between NFT Procurement and HPIL Holdings is documented, NFT Procurement no longer exists.


FRAUD: FINRA Never Approved Namechange

Stephen Brown announced a fraudulent name change approval the same day he filed for the name change with FINRA per the FORM 8-K filed by HPIL Holding CEO. The name change was later reversed as HPIL could not provide the necessary paperwork to satisfy FINRA.

HPIL Holding Announces it has Received Name Change Approval from FINRA
Cybernetic Technologies Ltd (HPIL), announces it has Signed a Letter of Intent to Acquire CRANK VIRTUAL


FRAUD: Crank Virtual Doesn't Exist

No deal is documented in filings, website is nonexistent.


FRAUD: Plan Was Always to Increase It Again

Per documentation, the plan was always to raise the authorized shares, when needed, and this was only a temporary state to help improve share price.

Cybernetic Technologies Ltd (HPIL) Announces it has Filed to Reduce the Authorized Shares
Cybernetic Technologies Ltd (HPIL), Announces it has Acquired World Gaming Group



No asset "acquisition." TUNEZCASH was renamed HUMMTOKEN and announced as "another" acquisition "to be developed."


FRAUD: No Technology Exists

This is a blatant perpetual motion, free energy, over unity penny stock scam. No drivetrain or technology exists.

Cybernetic Technologies Ltd (HPIL), Announces it is launching Apogee Dynamics Ltd
Cybernetic Technologies Ltd (HPIL), Announces Apogee Dynamics Ltd to Develop Apogee D7


FRAUD: Free Energy Penny Stock Scam

This is a blatant perpetual motion, free energy, over unity penny stock scam. No drivetrain or technology exists.


FRAUD: ZIPPA Was Not & Still Is Not Finished

ZIPPA was not finished or almost ready to launch. ZIPPA is not expected to launch even a year later and is still just a website.

World Gaming Group a division of Cybernetic Technologies Ltd (HPIL), Announces ZIPPA
Cybernetic Technologies Ltd (HPIL), Announces it has Launched Medusa Intelligence


FRAUD: There Is No Medusa

Stephen Brown announced an empty subsidiary that is currently just an idea and a website. Nothing of merit and no funding do develop.


FRAUD: Never Had Technology or Licenses to Launch NFT's

Stephen Brown never had approval or licenses necessary to launch said NFT's. has been taken down.

NFT Procurement a division of Cybernetic Technologies Ltd (HPIL), Announces it the Live Auction of 3 NFT’s
World Gaming Group a division of Cybernetic Technologies Ltd (HPIL), Announces it will launch its Tournament Platform


FRAUD: There Is No Tournament Platform

HPIL Holding had not developed a Tournament Platform and there was no tournaments launched. The share buyback never happened.


FRAUD: There Is No Medusa AI

There is no Meta Data Analytics program and share buyback never happened.

Medusa Intelligence a division of Cybernetic Technologies Ltd (HPIL), Announces it will Launch Meta Data Analytics
Cybernetic Technologies Ltd (HPIL), Announces New Lawyers and Accountants to join the Team


FRAUD: Lawyers MIA, No Raffle

Stephen Brown announced a law firm that seemingly has done no work for HPIL Holding. The shareholder's conference was never real, there was no raffle.


FRAUD: 5 Months To Get Access HPIL Claimed To Have In April

This press release is in conflict to the level of access that Stephen Brown claimed to have had till this point, proving past claims of filings status and access were fraudulent.

HPIL Holding (HPIL), Announces it has Officially been Approved by the OTC for its OTCIQ Application
HPIL Holding (HPIL), Announces it will have a Conference Call at 2:PM August 17th,2021


FRAUD: CC Was Misinformation & Fraud

Instead of clearing up confusion and misinformation,  Stephen Brown further lied to investors and committed fraud. PR was to boost stock PPS.


FRAUD: There Was No Execution

Stephen Brown had not acquire the resources at this point and still has not to execute on any real business progress per Q1 conference call.

HPIL Holding (HPIL) Announces the completion of Asset Acquisition Phase and the move to Business Execution Phase
HPIL HOLDING (HPIL), Announces that it has entered into a letter of intent to sell all assets of NFT Procurement


FRAUD: No Deal Existed

Stephen Brown did not have the authority to sign any deals at (OTC:STGZ) and the Stargaze board had not approved this deal. The share swap was fraud to boost HPIL PPS.


FRAUD: There Was No Credit Line

An Equity "Credit Line" is not a credit line, as stated by HPIL lawyers, The Basile Law Firm, it is just another form of cash for discounted shares scheme.

HPIL Holding (HPIL) Announces it has secured a Ten Million Dollar Credit Line
HPIL Holding (HPIL), Has Entered into a Letter of Intent to Develop the Apogee CZYSZ Electric Powered Motorcycle


FRAUD: What Deal?

The deal claimed by Stephen Brown seems to not exist, no deal has been finalized, and HPIL Holding had/has no funding to develop anything. There is no evidence this deal exists outside of a few press releases.


FRAUD: There Was No ZIPPA Beta Launch

ZIPPA still does not exist and is now not slated to be launched till late 2022. No funding was available to develop the platorm.

World Gaming Group a division of HPIL Holding (HPIL), Announces update on the ZIPPA technology platform
HPIL Announces it has Closed the Sale NFT Procurement to Stargaze Entertainment Group


FRAUD: There Was No Deal

The deal claimed by Stephen Brown did not exist, was not approve by the STGZ board, and Stephen Brown had no authority to announce the deal. Stephen Brown was later booted from STGZ. No shares were going to be issued.


FRAUD: There Was No Deal

There was no deal to cancel, this was a fraudulent transaction announced by HPIL Holding and Stephen Brown that did not exist.

HPIL Holding (OTC:HPIL) announces with Stargaze Entertainment Group (OTC: STGZ) to cancel the deal with its NFT Division
HPIL Holding (HPIL) Announces that World Gaming Group will launch Its First Mobile Game App “SANTA RUN”


FRAUD: Fraudulent Pumping

The game was a free reskinned endless runner engine sample game that was barely downloaded. Pumping shareholders that it could rival Candy Crush's billions of dollars in revenue is abhorrent.


FRAUD: There Was No ZIPPA Launch

ZIPPA was still not launched, no Beta program, there was no funding to develop it.

HPIL Holding (HPIL) Announces the Launch of Mobile App Game “GET SANTA”
Apogee Dynamics a Division HPIL Holding (HPIL) Announces it has been selected as a Mitsubishi Challenge Finalist


FRAUD: Booted From Contest

Apogee and HPIL Holding did not meet the requirements of the competition and were booted from it, not even mentioned in the final article as a finalist.


FRAUD: No Audit

Over 4 months later and there are no signs of an audit, the company is still trying to get current through the alternative reporting standard.

HPIL Holding (HPIL) Updates Shareholders on Company Reporting Status
World Gaming Group a Division of HPIL Holding (HPIL) explores multiplayer online play


FRAUD: Progress Severly Overstated

There is nothing more but some very unfinished side projects that keep getting pushed out on release dates, per the conference call that followed


FRAUD: Already Acquired Previously

TUNEZCASH was acquired in with WGG, HUMMTOKEN is just a rebranded idea Stephen Brown acquired from himself, again.

HPIL Holding (HPIL), Announces it Has Acquired HUMM TOKEN
World Gaming Group a Division of HPIL Holding (HPIL) explores multiplayer online play


FRAUD: Progress Severely Overstated

There is nothing more but some very unfinished side projects that keep getting pushed out on release dates per the conference call that followed


FRAUD: Some Were Notes Stephen Brown Signed

Some of the notes signed and converted, per the filed lawsuit, were part of loans signed by Stephen Brown in April 2021. Further, his notes are far worse than the previous administrations by double the shares.

HPIL Holding (HPIL) Hires Attorney to Investigate Previous Convertible Notes
HPIL Holding (HPIL) Updates Shareholders and Announces a Conference Call


FRAUD: Filings Were Fraudulent

Filings produced missed almost everything needed to get current by purposefully hiding all the lawsuits and other debt. Stephen Brown was aware they would not pass.


FRAUD: Fake Acquisitions

Criminally negligent on details required for a publicly traded company. Each one of these need to be in the disclosures, in detail, during the reporting period the acquisition happened. Most are just ideas "acquired" from Stephen Brown that he then gave shares to himself for.

HPIL Holding (HPIL) Updates Shareholders
HPIL Holding (HPIL) Updates Shareholders


FRAUD: Filings Were Fraudulent

Filings produced missed almost everything needed to get current by purposefully hiding all the lawsuits and other debt. Stephen Brown was aware they would not pass. 10Q was not completed or filed in the allotted time.


FRAUD: False Statements

The issues were not just past notes, but rather non-disclosure of new notes, lawsuits, etc. fraudulently undisclosed to shareholders for almost a year. Projects still not funded enough to meet deadlines.

HPIL Holding (HPIL) Updates Shareholders


FRAUD: Conflicting Calculations

The company filings created and published on OTCMarkets in parallel to this lawsuit claim the convertible notes at .00001 are under the 25% interest rate claimed by the lawsuit.


FRAUD: Impossible

While the agreement with GEM Global Yield is likely real, the ability for HPIL Holding to ever realize its potential with Stephen Brown CEO is zero. There is no audit, requited to ever list on the CSE.

Screen Shot 2022-10-21 at 8.47.12 AM.png
Screen Shot 2022-10-21 at 8.47.25 AM.png


FRAUD: False Excuses

Never once proved death/physical threats. He is not dedicated at all to being compliant as there is no audit.


FRAUD: No Progress

No audits, no plan to get compliant. Simply false all around.

Screen Shot 2022-10-21 at 8.47.36 AM.png
Screen Shot 2022-10-21 at 8.48.15 AM.png


FRAUD: Fradulent claims

Company is dead in the water, conference call was just more fraudulent claims.


FRAUD: False Statements

No progress, no audit, no money raised. Everything was fraudulent. He stole all the money and there is no shareholder value.

Screen Shot 2022-10-21 at 8.48.41 AM.png


FRAUD: How Many More?

This page will be continually updated with as many as we have confirmed and have time to add them...

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