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Lumi - Stephen Brown


"We just want to steal your money"


Stephen Brown

King Douchebag

Over 40 years of stealing other people's money and running from the police. Now trying to steal money through Lumi... because he is a douchebag.


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Lumi - Another Stephen Brown Scam

After getting caught trying to defraud potential investors with a fake Spyker Car deal under Retrospect Auto, After stealing millions at HPIL Holding Now he is trying Lumi scam. Yet another new project and idea to get dipshits to give him money to pay his rent! Where is any promised project!? He can't stop being a douche.

Lumi - Stephen Brown

Photo of a Douchebag + Lumi Pitchdeck

More Pretty Mockups...

... that will never be built. Featured now on Criteria Management LTD's Website. Yet another scam by douchebag Stephen Brown to steal other people's money.

Lumi - Stephen Brown
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