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David P Postula
Chief Criminal Officer - HPIL Holding

David Postula's Story

Compared to Stephen Brown, David P Postula is a bit more unknown on his path to being a criminal. Seemingly prior to Crank Media (OTC:CRKM) and then HPIL Holdings (OTC:HPIL) David had not shown signs of being a thief or embezzler. Sadly, after meeting and then  getting in bed with Stephen Brown, he was willing to do ANYTHING to get those Benjamins. 

Give him a few years with a career criminal and BAMMMM... right to the dark side. While he may have been titled as President (Darth Vadar), he ended up being more of an expendable storm trooper now on the outside looking in. That being said, the damage caused to investors was SEVERE and the impact he had as a minion on Stephen Brown at HPIL Holding was nothing to belittle...

Below is a series of bits of info, fraudulent documents supplied directly by David Postula as President of HPIL Holding to investors, fraudulent claims to investors on product status and timelines, fraudulent claims to investors on funding status and needs, fraudulent claims regarding intended use of funds and actual use of funds, aggressive communications to induce fear and loss to criminally obtain initial funding and ongoing funding, etc.

David Postula is a Storm Trooper

In summary, David Postula is a criminal fraudster who helped steal millions from investors for his and Stephen Brown's own personal enrichment...


Text message showing

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Email claiming funding...

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