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Criteria Management Ltd

"We just want to steal your money"


Stephen Brown

King Douchebag

Over 40 years of stealing other people's money and running from the police. Now trying to steal money through Criteria Management Ltd... because he is a douchebag.


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After getting caught trying to defraud potential investors with a fake Spyker Car deal under Retrospect Auto, Stephen Brown changed the name to Interworld Boing Agency LTD. Now he is trying Criteria Management scam. He can't stop being a douche.

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Same Scam...    
      New Name

Wow, look at that, Criteria Management LLC is just a bunch of one page landing pages and pitch decks to ideas Stephen Brown will never actually move forward. Consider us SHOCKED!!! Just like WNRG, Milagro, HPIL, 1122Media, etc.


Stole HUMM Token from HPIL

HUMM Token is an HPIL asset that Stephen Brown has stolen from shareholders and moved into this new private corporation, with a few select HPIL shareholders. Even though, he issued shares in HPIL for this asset to him and a few people he owed money to...

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