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Stephen Brown has won! I tried to warn ya'll and you didn't listen. Now he has all your money.

You now need psychological help because you are a DIPSHIT and are/were convinced that Stephen Brown is a successful business man and lost your life savings.

You had delusions of grandeur about NASDAQ (false), $100M raised on Wallstreet (false), successful independent record label (false), etc. The real story is that Stephen Brown was pushed out of, sued for stealing money, and the company was parted off for pennies in mid-2000 before. He has been sued for millions for stealing from artists under his independent record label, ran into the ground several public OTC and private companies, stealing/losing hundreds of millions of investors' money. And now he is actively doing it again with your money. Bravo.

I spent countless hours making sure you all had all the info necessary and you did it anyways. Some of you could have even stopped him by now, but haven't. His continued scamming is now on you, be mad, cry harder



"Mr Brown is an imposter & fraud... He should be behind bars." - Victor Mullen, CEO of Spyker Cars

Channel 5 London

What about the outrageous claims about Vidnet only a DIPSHIT would believe?

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