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Stephen Brown's new scam? Find out more here...


I'm Figo, current PR rep for the mentally handicapped keyboard warriors.

I'm not a real scam victim... or am I? But like you, I need psychological help because I was convinced that Stephen Brown is a successful business man and lost my life savings.

Like you, I was told delusions of grandeur about NASDAQ (false), $100M raised on Wallstreet (false), successful independent record label (false), etc. Like you, I questioned if it was true. Sadly, it is not, the real story is that Stephen Brown was pushed out of, sued for stealing money, and the company was parted off for pennies in mid-2000 before. He has been sued for millions for stealing from artists under his independent record label, ran into the ground several public OTC and private companies, stealing/losing hundreds of millions of investors' money.

Mind of a Con Artist

HPIL Con Overview Vidnet
HPIL Boxes


Per SEC filings, Stephen Brown "resigned" in July 2000 and already started at a new OTC shell that he had been putting assets in early 2000.

HPIL Broken Glass


Per SEC filings Vidnet was immediately parted off and reduced to 1 custodial employee. Investors lost all their money. Never NASDAQ.



Per SEC filings, Stephen Brown was sued by the company for breach of fiduciary  duty, interference, breach of trust, tortuous activities, and theft.

What about the rest of his outrageous claims about Vidnet?

Coming "Next Week" - Three decade overview of Stephen Brown's con career.


From the Vidnet failure to a failed porn media mogul in the US


To stealing money from families in the UK


To stealing millions from investors in Canada and on the OTC (again)

What People Say About Their Investment:

HPIL is issuing a stern notice to remove the website within 48 hours and if not our lawyer Mark Basile will be filing a substantial defamation law suit as we know who you and your aliases are.

Stephen Brown, HPIL Holding

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Channel 5 London

Did you mean to go to Stephen Brown's Cam .com? We apologize for the confusion, use link below:

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